Headache School

Headache School, in partnership with the University of Utah, offers free, bi-weekly educational lectures and therapeutic yoga sessions. Join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month! Learn more…

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“Headache school is my lifeline … it has broadened my understanding of the disease & taught me invaluable techniques for the management & prevention of migraines. Implementing the techniques taught by Micah in Restorative Yoga has been pivotal in my migraine management. Anyone affected by migraine disease and their loved ones, would be wise to utilize this fabulous resource.” ~ Amy

A Migraine Toolbox

Association of Migraine Disorders has created an online CME Training Program for primary care providers, enabling a wide range of medical professionals to diagnose and treat migraine disease. Our Foundation is proud to support the distribution and promotion of this program nationwide.

Healthy Mind Group

The Healthy Mind Group is an education program for individuals, family members, and health professionals who live and work with chronic illnesses/conditions, and stress-related health problems.

This program is offered to groups of 8-10 individuals for ten weeks, one session per week (evenings or weekends). Each session is two hours long.

Scholarships are available.

For more information, contact Dan Kauffman, Ph.D., at 385.351.9058 or

“Thank you to the Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation for the scholarship you provided for me so I could attend the chronic pain mindfulness class. I have chronic migraine and the group provided me camaraderie with others who have migraines and chronic pain. If not for your scholarship, I would not have been able to afford it and I would not have had the education and experience to handle my pain. It was an incredible experience.” ~ Julie

Migraine Research Foundation

Migraine Research Foundation funds Impact Awards for large-scale studies that are so innovative they could never get funding anywhere else. They involve real people and could have a huge impact on patient care now because they have the potential to change migraine treatments quickly.

“Dr. Alyssa LeBel’s groundbreaking study on New Daily Persistent Headache in children will provide much-needed information that will add to the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of this migraine variant that affects so many kids and about which we know so little. Danielle Bryon Henry Migraine Foundation’s donation to this project helps ensure the exploration of new ideas that are likely to lead to significant breakthroughs. We are very grateful for their support and collaboration.” ~ Cathy Glaser, Executive Director of MRF

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