Resources for Migraine Management

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Sample Class with Dan Kaufmann, PhD

Resources for Migraine Management
Saturdays from 1-3pm MT
Next session begins Sept. 24

Guided by Dan Kaufmann, PhD, this virtual 5-session program provides complementary interventions for those with migraine disease. Each session will focus on a different topic to teach participants different coping strategies and methods to help cope with migraine and the associated stress and anxiety.

I have had success using the new skills in reducing the intensity of the migraine attacks as well as decreasing attacks per month, in conjunction with a change in my medications. I have not had any real relief in over 20 years, so this is AMAZING!

This course is solid gold.

I will highly recommend this course to others with migraine.

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Additional Upcoming Courses

Resources for Migraine Management is a pre-requisite to the courses below.

Autogenic Training for Migraine: Skills For Improving Your Wellbeing

Some migraine theories include dysfunction of the autonomic system, and “over arousal” of the central nervous system. Autogenic training teaches easy-to-use mental exercises that help rebalance the autonomic system, create a natural outlet of unresolved emotions, and help lower the “over arousal” of the central nervous system. Many practitioners describe these effects as calming, therapeutic, and thus provide much needed benefit in reducing migraine symptoms. Learn more >>


Advanced Biofeedback Training for Migraine Relief

Much research has been done on migraines and tension-type headaches, to evaluate treatments that target both the biological and psychological risk factors. The biofeedback skills taught in this course when used in conjunction with relaxation training, were found to be effective for migraine reduction and are recommended as a migraine treatment. Moreover, biofeedback has also been shown to be effective for anxiety disorders including anxiety associated with medical conditions such as chronic pain and migraines.  Learn more >>

Forgiveness for Migraine

People living with migraine disease are faced with many sources of stress. Learning to release the events/people that are causing distress and cultivating a forgiving attitude can significantly improve a person’s quality of life and well-being, and as a result, help to better manage migraine. Learn more >>